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Issues » Self Harm

Self Harm

Do you self harm?

We know that intentionally hurting yourself can be a way to express difficult emotions. Self-harm might be your way of releasing pent-up feelings of distress or anger. Maybe it’s the only way you know how to cope.  But there are other ways of coping.

Why don’t you tell a friend about what’s happening? You might be worried about their reaction and afraid they’ll think you’re just looking for attention. They will likely to offer you support, kindness and compassion.

Does someone you know self harm?

Many people do things that they know are harmful to themselves to help them to cope with difficult emotions or experiences. This might be eating or drinking too much or taking drugs. Sometimes people intentionally harm themselves for the same reasons. 

If someone trusts you enough to confide in you about their self-harm, you can start to help them by listening, respecting, continue to love them and offer compassion.

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